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Comfort Square won the top ten merchants in Hong Kong🎉
​Home Massage brand

"Provide one-stop home massage services 😃 whether it is massage, bone setting, ear cleaning, etc."

"The most important thing is to have a comfortable and good environment, and fast🙌"

"We also have health products, free shipping, directly to your home"


Relax, Refresh, Revitalize



Professional Office Massage Team

Even the best employees can feel tired and their work performance can suffer, so we offer a 15-minute massage to help your employees feel rejuvenated and ready to work again.

We will provide all the necessary supplies and match the venue environment. Our masseurs will do their best to provide you with service.

We can provide multiple masseurs at the same time, charging $3000/8Hours. $3000 can provide services for 32 customers, each of whom can enjoy 15 minutes.

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About  us


​An independent team that provides door-to-door home massage services

All are professional masseuses, trained in high-end beauty chain stores, carefully selected.


Holds a number of beauty certificates, has the experience and ability to solve pain, has rich qualifications, and treats people politely!


All have received two or more shots of the new crown vaccine. Some masseuses have already taken the third injection, and they can request to show the injection record or test report.

We hope to provide you with a comfortable and reassuring massage experience to solve your back pain and relax your body and mind.


Home massage




Contact Me

Tel & Whatsapp : 95320835

No 26-28 , Russell Street,Causeway Bay , Hong Kong

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